All manuscripts as well as Invited/Special Session Proposals must be electronically submitted through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System. Guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts are provided on the IFAC website. Authors are advised to read PaperCept's Getting Started Manual for Authors. Only PDF files compliant with the IFAC Publications Requirements are acceptable for publication. The procedure to generate pdf files and compliance and diagnostic tools are provided in the support section of PaperCept.

All papers will be accepted with the understanding that the authors will present them at the INCOM symposium. At least one author of every accepted paper will be required to register for the symposium before uploading the final version.


Regular sessions
Authors are invited to submit draft papers reporting original research of theoretical or applied nature. Final manuscripts are limited to six (6) double column pages. Accepted papers exceeding the normal length may be included in the proceedings upon payment of over-length page charges for each page in excess of six pages, up to a maximum of two additional pages.

Invited sessions
Invited sessions consist of papers of the regular format focusing on targeted subjects and presenting a unifying theme. Invited session organizers should submit an abstract that summarizes the aim and the content of the invited session. A code will be assigned to such a session. The invited author should submit their paper by using this code. All corresponding papers will be evaluated as regular submissions. If at least 5 papers are accepted the session is included in the symposium program as an invited session. If an invited session is not accepted, accepted papers submitted to this session will be included in regular sessions. 

Special sessions (Industrial, New Frontiers, Special Projects, etc.)
Special sessions offer a venue for the presentation of topics of special academic, social or industrial interest, such as emerging research areas or most recent trends in manufacturing engineering. The format of special sessions is more flexible – it allows a panel discussion, led by the session chair(s), to motivate the exchange of opinions among presenters and participants. Special session presentations may be in the form of regular papers (6 pages), survey papers (12 pages) or Extended Abstracts (1-2 pages). However, Extended Abstracts will not appear in the post-conference Proceedings of INCOM 2015 published in IFAC-PapersOnLine.

1) Organizers of Invited and Special Sessions are requested to register their sessions through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System, obtain the session reference number, and provide the number to the authors, and advise the authors to use the number in their paper submission.
2) The list of sessions open for submission is posted on the "Program" page of the conference website. Interested authors must contact the session organizer(s) for requesting to be included in the session. 

Doctoral Consortium will provide an opportunity for graduate students who have started their research to:
- Gain an overview of the breadth and depth of recent reserch in modern manufacturing systems
- Present their research work to an expert panel
- Receive feedback and suggestions from peers and experienced faculty
- Obtain insight into postdoctoral, granting, and job market opportunities
- Network with peers and future colleagues

Two formats of the papers will be accepted: full papers, subject to the regular review, and extended abstracts. Full papers will be archived in the IFAC-PapersOnLine proceedings. Extended abstracts (the student fee applies) will appear in the conference CD-ROM only, and will remain copyright free.

Deadlines for full paper submission

(If accepted, papers will be indexed and published in the IFAC Symposium Proceedings):

Submission:                                    December 15, 2014
Author Notification:                         February 1, 2015
Camera Ready and Registration:   March 1, 2015

Deadlines for Extended Abstract submission

(Extended Abstracts will appear in the conference CD-ROM only):

Submission:                                    January 21, 2015
Author Notification:                         February 10, 2015
Camera Ready and Registration:   March 1, 2015


Best student paper
The best paper award will be granted to a graduate (MSc or PhD) student who as the first author presents   the paper at the conference.

To enter the contest, a student should have submitted the following documents online at the INCOM 2015 submission page:
1. A full, final, camera-ready paper:
- the first/principal author must be a student,
- each student can only submit one paper for consideration in the contest, will personally present the paper
  if accepted.

2. A signed letter from a faculty advisor stating that the student:
- is a candidate for a degree,
- will personally present the paper if accepted,
- will register and participate in the symposium and
- will attend the Awards Banquet (free ticket provided by the National Organizing Committee to every finalist)

3. Proof of your student status at the time of submission of the paper.

Young Author Prize
To qualify for consideration, ALL authors of the paper must be less than 35 years of age on the date of
submission of the paper.

Best application paper
The award will be granted to the author(s) of the paper presenting an industrial application.